My Open Letter to NBC and The Biggest Loser

My name is Alicia and last night around 7pm Central Time, I, a 21-year-old woman who has been struggling with her weight, health and body image for 94.7% of her life, applied to be a contestant on the next open season of The Biggest Loser.  Since the show started 11 years ago, my mom and I have been on the couch watching lives change for the better – only stopping recently due to busy schedules and living in different houses. Two days ago, after downloading and trying out Hulu Plus for the first time, I was elated to see all of the seasons I haven’t watched were sitting right in front of me! After watching one full episode, I knew it was time.

Having being on a diet since possibly the age of 8, I am no stranger to the weight loss battle. I remember going to Weight Watchers meetings with my mom, drinking Slimfast, and hating my body all at a very young age. Throughout my life I have memorized the diet pill isle and have tried everything in it. I have read books and magazines, only to get discouraged when I do not lose weight like the people in the pictures. In April of last year, I decided to take it upon myself to “really get in shape this time”. I joined a gym, downloaded all of the weight loss apps, and dove right in. Three months later, I started this blog because I had yet to lose ten pounds. With the year mark coming up soon and still being in the same boat, I know that I am not doing something right.

It kills me that as determined as I am to reach my goals, I have yet to do so. For a month now, I wake up every morning and get my butt to Planet Fitness to work out for at least an hour. Prior to that, I attended a High Intensity Interval Training gym near my work. In addition to working out, I have planned my meals, made my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram all about weight loss, wrote a blog, started a Youtube account, joined an accountability group… and here I am a year later still weighing 250 pounds. No one can say that I am not trying on my own, because I am giving it my all. However, it seems that my all is not enough in this situation. That is why I need your help.

If I am chosen to be a contestant, there is no doubt that I will succeed. I don’t want to be there to be a sob story or to sit on your gym floor and cry. I want to be there to get my hands dirty and do whatever it takes to get my health where it needs to be – where it has never been. I have seen how easy it is to wake up one day and be 400+ pounds and I know that if I do not get my health in the right place now, that will be me in a few years. This show will allow me to change my life, my future, my future children’s lives, and hopefully those around me as well. I want to be the inspiration to someone who is also struggling, just as many people have inspired me.

Although it may seem too much to ask for an extremely large Broadcasting Company to pick me as a contestant on any of their shows, especially one as popular and coveted at The Biggest Loser, I believe I deserve it. Not only am I completely committed to losing the weight, I understand that losing is only half of the battle. I am fully aware that maintaining can and most likely will be just as difficult -as some previous contestants have not been. I know it will be a challenge and I know that I will struggle from time to time, but I am ready. Are you?

#aliciaforthebiggestloser – Let’s do this together.

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